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Meet the farmer!

Hi! I'm Nat! Welcome to Quiet Land Farm!


Quiet Land started as an urban farm in Seattle in 2018, and in 2021 I expanded to Snoqualmie to be able to grow even more food! I believe that growing healthy food grows healthy people and communities. Eating is a group activity, and when we eat food that reflects the season and the place we live, we are able to be more in the moment with each other, and more connected to the earth. All our food is grown naturally without chemical pesticides or herbicides, and I use regenerative and no-till methods to build healthy soil. A healthy, diverse soil ecosystem below is the best way to grow healthy food above. The social ecosystem is what allows the farm to thrive too - two generous families share their land for growing this food.


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As the Dylan song goes, "the country I come from is called the Midwest," and so am I, but I've lived in Seattle for a long time now. Besides farming, I'm also an established interdisciplinary artist and composer, and food and plants often make their way into my work.

I've been around agriculture and growing plants my whole life. As a kid I tended plants with my dad in his greenhouse, worked on nearby farms, helped my grandpa at his farmers market stand and in the garden, and was even lucky enough to spend time with my great grandparents on their farm. My family has been wrapped up in farming for 12 generations. The earliest ancestors farming on this continent were Mennonites, whose ethos is to be, "the quiet in the land," so the farm's name is a nod to them, and all my ancestors. 


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As important as my ancestors are to me personally, it’s equally important to acknowledge that this generational continuity has often come at the cost of not only environmental degradation, but removal of indigenous people. So, I humbly acknowledge that the farm is on the traditional lands of the Duwamish & Snoqualmie people. If you live in Seattle, I hope you'll join me in paying rent to the Duwamish Tribe

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