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Let's veg out!

Our CSA for 2023 is now full!
Drop us a line if you have any other questions.

A diverse array of vegetables harvested for you each week

Our CSA is built on a flexible a la carte model so you can skip a week if you're gone, and only get the vegetables you want each week. This flexibility helps make things more affordable for your family too with CSA shares starting at just $300.

We have 8 convenient pickup locations in Seattle:

Phinney - Crown Hill - N. Wedgewood - Georgetown

Ravenna - Capitol Hill - West Seattle - Beacon Hill

Tell me more about this flexible CSA!

Each week from mid-May to October, you'll receive an email newsletter that includes farm updates, a recipe, and a fresh sheet order form! The fresh sheet lists what is available that week, including prices for each item. The total from your order is then deducted from the money you paid upfront. 

All prices are similar to Seattle farmer’s market prices based on market research. With this flexibility, if you’re out of town for a while or want certain items or don’t like others, you get to decide how and when you spend your money on vegetables. The season runs from mid-May through to October. Sign up here!

What is Quiet Land Farm growing this year?

Mixed salad greens, mizuna, lettuce, salad radishes, shiso, Chinese mustard greens, bok choi, daikon radish, yu choy, sugar snap peas, chard, beets, tomatoes, summer squash, gobo root, cucumbers, various herbs, napa cabbage, kales, jalepeno, put gouchu & shishito peppers, garlic, plums, green onions, leeks, carrots, chrysanthemum greens...and more! I also partner with a couple other farms in order to offer more items and variety sprinkled throughout the season. View a sample fresh sheet here.


What happens if I don’t spend all my money?

Any money you don’t spend goes away at the end of the season, so buy those veg! 


What happens if I use my $300 up but I want to keep ordering veg?

You can continue to pay weekly as you order, or put more money into your account! We keep track of everything on a spreadsheet. 


If I forget to pick up my produce, do I still get charged?

Yep! You ordered 'em, you pay for them. 


Can I change my pickup location?

You bet! Just drop Nat a note. 

So, are you in? Sign up for veg!


 You in? 

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